Music Project Proposal

     Four traditions of the mandolin in Greece

presenting by Elina & Maria Markatatou


Historical Frame

In Greece, the presence of the mandolin – as a musical instrument of expression of local musical tradition – is located in the late 19th century and is linked to four different music traditions originating in four different regions: Asia Minor, Athens, Ionian Islands and Crete.

Greece has traditionally been a crossroads of cultures and peoples because of its geographical location. Moreover, the fact that Greece is a country which was under the domination of other forces (Italian, French, English, Ottoman, Germany) for over four centuries, resulted in two-sided cultural osmosis which has led to many kinds of influences and integrations that have also happened in music.

Therefore, the repertoire of mandolin, on the one hand, is characterized by an impressive diversity of rhythms, harmony and melody due to the creative assimilation of both the Eastern sounds and Western European sounds and on the other hand, it differs from tradition to tradition.


A musical trip from Asia Minor to Athens                                                                    and from the Ionian Islands to Crete…

Music… Dance…. Theater…

Fun, Joy, Migration, Sorrow, Passion, Celebration…

Historical facts and human emotions…

Greece… end of 19th century…

An emotionally intense song… a separation… a journey… a love story…

From Asian Minor to Athens and from the Ionian Islands to Crete, in taverns, on stage, in aristocratic homes, in under balconies cantatas, at weddings and celebrations, in every corner the sound of mandolin is heard.

An original, unique and exceptional project


In a musical performance, four different traditions, four different cultures of the mandolin in Greece are presented in a story connected to life and human emotion.

The idea for the project originated from the postgraduate thesis “Four Mandolin Traditions in Greece” by Maria and Elina Markatatou who were granted a scholarship from the Antwerp Conservatory for their work, in order to expand and enrich their research with the ultimate goal to farther more analysis.

Great musicians from Greece, Spain and Belgium add more to the existing tradition and with their talent give an excellent performance for the audience.

In a current period, a back in time journey, which shows elements of European identity and the Greek cultural heritage.

It is about a show which has already twice been performed in Antwerp Belgium. The Belgian audience has really embraced it and we hope it will travel around the world and to our country Greece. A fantastic show which deserves to be shown.

Multiculturalism dominates the scene

 It is about a work which other than its historical and traditional content, which awakens memories of our ancestors, it also brings different worlds together.

Every one of the participating artists in the show, each in their own personal


spirit and cultural identity unite their music knowledge with the spontaneity and magic of the Greek traditional music.

They manage in a unique way to give more to the existing tradition and through their love, spontaneity and passion give birth to something new.

A picture of another era


The final accomplishment is a whole story, which brings together, with one beautiful way, a huge culture heritage. The Greek music wealth with its particular characteristics brings the audience to catharsis.

Music, dance and songs from four different parts of Greece, awaken our memories taking us in the authenticity of another era and create a warm atmosphere.

All the senses reach their zenith


Combining music, dance, theater and food in the show gives audience the opportunity to awaken their senses in a special way.


May the project travel everywhere

and be a pleasure for many people over the world!

A show open to all ages, all cultures and to the whole world, capable of taking the Greek culture to every corner of the world.



Elina Markatatou (mandolin), Maria Markatatou (mandolin), Gerda Abts (mandolin), Manolis Fragiadakis (guitar, lute), Mathijs Ignoul (guitar), Barbara Βergillos (violin), Eleni Tsiotsiou (viola), Beatriz Laborda (cello),Sofia Poulopoulou (Soprano), Rodanthi Kaskafetou (Soprano), Arsenis Gionis (Baritone), Nina Basdras (narrator).